Alumni Profile - Emmanuel Mitchell

Emmanuel Mitchell is a 1998 graduate of the New Orleans ECPAP. Emmanuel has reached a multitude of success benchmarks since graduating the program. He entered the ECPAP as a 19 year old, unemployed African American male with a high school diploma.


Since Emmanuel had taken some carpentry training through the Louisiana Technical College system he was able to start as a 2nd Year Apprentice when he joined the apprenticeship program.

Emmanuel was the first ECPAP graduate in the first year the program worked with the Carpenters Union to reach journeyman status. Now in his 30’s, Emmanuel is still a Carpenters Union.

Over the years, Emmanuel purchases a truck, got married, purchased a home, built an addition to his house for his wife’s beauty shop, and had 3 children. He recently purchased a second home and is renting out his first home. In his career, Emmanuel moved up the ladder to supervisory positions, started his own side business doing residential construction/renovation, and even taught carpentry for the Louisiana Technical College.

Emmanuel is a long-time member of the ECPAP Advisory Board. Emmanuel’s latest milestone was being elected a Trustee of the Central South Carpenters Regional Council.